Retro23 is a fine artist working in different mediums, like paper, skin, canvas and - from time to time - with materials like clay.

He combines archaic drawing with humor, explores old realms and is attracted the most by the perfection of the unperfect things.


Shamanic rituals, tribes and forgotten knowledge inspire him a lot, as it reflects the human nature, the wild, the spontaneous and sometimes the cruel and pitiless side of things.


He tends to work in a minimalistic and honest way, most of the time using only black and a lot of contrast in his work - no special effects, no glamour, only the core of what is really necessary to show his vision to the world.


If you want to get tattooed by Retro23, there are plenty of artworks to choose from that you can make yours, and get them inked into your skin forever.


For more information, collaborations and questions don't hesitate to write him directly to hello@retro23.de

For artworks please contact my galerist Benjamin Knur: bk@galerie-neuheisel.de 

Please don´t copy or use my work without permission. All rights reserved.


Thank you.

Thanks! Message sent. Retro23.