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Welcome to the Wonderful World of PLANET NIBIRU -

As successor of "Planet Voodoo" I present you my new favourite print.


• 6 Color Silkscreen-Print

• 50 x 70 cm

• Handmade with Love

• Signed and Numbered
• Printed on Cotton Paper

• Limited to an edition of 13

• No Reprints




• As I am doing everything from Drawing to Shipping on my own,

please be patient. I ship items every Monday of the week.


• Unfortunately there are no edition-number reservations possible as this causes too much confusion.


• Additional Taxes outside of the EU-Countries are not included in the price, so please make sure to check this before placing an order.


Thank you so much for your support, you´re great ♥

PLANET NIBIRU I Silkscreen-Print

Artikelnummer: 003
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