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About Me: Retro23 – Embracing Imperfection Through Art


Hey there, I'm Retro23, an artist on a journey through diverse mediums like paper, skin, canvas, and, every now and then, clay. My passion lies in fusing archaic drawing with a touch of humor, venturing into ancient realms, and finding beauty in imperfection.


Artistry Beyond Limits


I'm all about breaking barriers and exploring the unexpected. From the intricate canvas of human skin to the blank slate of paper and canvas, I'm on a quest to uncover the magic that lies within.


A Symphony of Imperfection and Expression


Imperfection is my muse. I revel in those moments where art isn't just a reflection of beauty, but a celebration of its perfect imperfection. It's in the smudges, the quirks, the unexpected twists that life takes. I'm like a conductor of chaos, weaving stories that resonate with both the primal and the profound.


Shamanic Echoes and Tribal Whispers


Ancient wisdom speaks to me. Shamanic rituals, tribal echoes, and the knowledge forgotten by time – they're my wellspring of inspiration. They remind me of the raw, untamed facets of human nature and the world around us. It's like tapping into a universal rhythm that echoes through the ages.


Simplicity is Key: Minimalistic Magic


Less is more, my friend. I'm a firm believer in channeling the core essence of my vision, stripping away the unnecessary glamour and special effects. My palette? Mostly black, a sprinkle of colors, and heaps of contrast. It's all about letting the art speak for itself, unfiltered and honest.


Artistry You Can Wear: Tattoos, Clothing, and More


Ready for a piece of my creative puzzle? If tattoos are your canvas, I've got an array of artworks waiting to find a forever home on your skin. And guess what? My art doesn't stop at tattoos. It doesn't stop on paper, my designs are also available on clothing, patches, and t-shirts – a wearable testament to the synergy of creativity and personal style.


Let's Chat and Collaborate


Got questions? Want to collaborate on a project that bends the rules of convention? I'm all ears! Shoot me an email at, and let's dive into a creative conversation.


Respecting the Craft: All Rights Reserved


Hold on to your hats – I'm a passionate guardian of my craft. Copying or using my work without a nod from me isn't cool. All rights are firmly reserved, and your respect for my artistry is greatly appreciated.


In a world where tattoos, art, paper, tribal echoes, and wearable creativity intersect, I'm Retro23. Join me on this journey of embracing imperfections, celebrating the raw, and crafting stories that bridge the past and the present.

Tranquil and Inviting Studio Space in Saarbrücken – Your Creative Oasis
Creative Textiles: Wear Retro23's Art on Your Clothing.

Unknown Tribes | 2011 | Group Exhibition | St. Ingbert

Graff on Vynil | 2011 | Group Exhibition | All around Germany

A Solo Show | 2011 | Solo Exhibition | Karlstorbahnhof Heidelberg

We dont work we play | 2012 | Group Exhibition | Gallery Platforms Köln

Typolyrics – The sound of fonts | 2012 | Group Exhibition | Granshan, Armenia

A group show 2 | 2012 | Group Exhibition | Gallery August 13th, Wellington, NZ

After the world ends | 2016 | Solo Exhibition | Galerie Neuheisel, Saarbrücken

Paperworks | 2017 | Group Exhibition | Galerie Neuheisel, Saarbrücken

Saarart / Landeskunstausstellung | 2017 | Group Exhibition | Saarland

Runde2 | 2019 | Group Exhibition | Galerie Neuheisel | Saarland 

Unknown Name | 2022 | Gold Works w/ Etienne Renard | Paris

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